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You Are What You Eat

One of the many areas Scriptures and Science converge at is related to diet.

Why Vegetarian?

Why Sanctify Diet?

Our Journey

Everyone has a first-hand experience with what the Ancient Texts (commonly known by the Sanskrit term Shastra) have defined. Namely, whatever comes into existence, passes thru’ an interval of growth, a period of deterioration & finally comes to an end; A relatable example is living entities cycling thru the stages of Birth, Old Age, Disease & Death. 

However, the Shastras also define of a dimension of permanence that is beyond the change cycle prevalent in our 14 Billion years old material Cosmic manifestation. It is a timeless realm where every step is a dance, every word a song, and every morsel bursting with love. This place is called Goloka Dham and the supreme person there is known as Govinda. 

Govinda translates to,” He who gives ecstatic pleasure to the senses in full and, in an ever-increasing manner.”

The Shastras advise that when human beings align their Minds & Bodies with the purpose of their spirit Souls, it brings about harmony on the inside, and on the outside, they are in balance with other living beings and the environment. The practical realization of this teaching is embedded in the expression, “You Are What You Eat”. 

As such, Govinda’s, the embassy of Goloka Dham here on Earth, is an expression of love where people can experience the satisfaction of taste and the advancement of spiritual consciousness with sanctified food called Prasadam.  

How It Is Going

What started out as serving prasadam to hundreds and thousands of visitors at temple functions and festivals, grew into a flourishing undertaking of a full-fledged Restaurant, a Catering Service for occasions ranging from several thousands to a handful of attendees at personal, corporate events etc., and a supply-chain of Grocery Provisions conveniently delivered to your doorstep. 

The revenues and profits earned by Govinda’s covers operational costs and is reinvested in programs to further expand ICNJ’s devotional and community services. An upcoming project under development is Food Trucks For Life – based on the Meals on Wheels concept

Standards, Purity & Sanctity 

Govinda’s complies with all standards mandated by State & Local regulatory authorities. Our Facilities, Processes and Personnel are certified for Hygiene, Cleanliness, Food Handling, Food Services, Food Storage, Safety etc. Our certifications are validated, stays current and is updated with regular training, periodic and ad-hoc checks etc.

The assurance that our staff is of the highest caliber and that our products and services meet the most stringent norms is the promise we at Govinda’s uphold. 

Moreover, Govinda’s Kitchen is an extension of the main altar where our Deities are worshiped. Our Chef and the main support staff are Brahman-initiated devotees whose activities in preparing every item and offering it as Bhoga is an act of loving devotional service.

Govinda’s maintains not just the material standards of cleanliness etc. but very diligently also follows the code of the Bhoga/Prasadam norms of the Vaidhi-Bhakti principle.

At Govinda’s, the food you eat is infused with the purity and sanctity of worship that expresses our love for Govinda, and all of you whom Govinda loves.

Outreach: Feed The Needy

The Shastras teach that it is incumbent on humans with a higher intellect and the most developed state of consciousness to be compassionate to every living entity. The perfected state of a human being is called a Vaishnava and a Vaishnava is ‘Para Duhka Dukhi’; one who empathizes and alleviates the suffering of other beings. 

At Govinda’s, we put this injunction into practice by utilizing our revenues & profits towards the upliftment of the spiritual and bodily needs of the community at large. Some such activities we are involved with are:

  • Distributing meals (10,000 kits to date & counting) to frontline personnel engaged in mitigating the Covid pandemic.
  • Daily Prasadam delivery to Soup Kitchens helping the needy.
  • Prasadam service to any person of any background who visits the Temple

 Whilst some may term these as acts of charity, we consider it our sacred duty.

The money that you spend at Govinda’s not only benefits you physically and spiritually, it also earns you Sukruti, pious credits, in way of its being used for Manav Seva, upliftment of humanity.

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